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D&D is one of the only sub-contractors in Ontario that provides a full service shouldering operation. This includes delivery, placement and compaction of the material on the job site, traffic control and leveling driveways and entrances. Our crews have perfected the art and skill of building roads and maintain high expectations of how a job is to be completed. Professionally placed asphalt or granular material leaves the road looking not only neat and polished but clean, free of debris.

Road shouldering is the process of placing and compacting asphalt or aggregate beside the road base. This maintains the structural integrity of the road by preventing the asphalt from cracking and falling apart at the sides. A shoulder also makes the road way safer for cyclists, pedestrians, off-road vehicles and drivers by maintaining a proper slope beside the road, thus decreasing the drop-off. Shouldering is not only done when the road is being rebuilt or resurfaced but for yearly maintenance as well!