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Additional Services

As part of the road widening operation, D&D is able to provide a few extra services to allow the job to run smoothly and look its absolute best. Compaction is a must when shouldering, especially when dealing with asphalt. Most townships require that the shouldering be compacted. Not only is loose gravel a safety concern but compaction will increase the lifespan of the road and the new shoulder.

Paving a road usually means that the road base will become higher, this has implications for home owners. The higher road may mean that they will have difficulties getting in and out of their driveways. D&D can provide a tractor/toolcat that feathers extra stone into the driveway to make a smooth transition from the road to the entrance way.

As part of the full service operation, D&D can provide traffic control services. This means that D&D is responsible for all signage, personnel and equipment required for proper traffic control for the road widening operation.



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